Are you interested in improving your lot in life?

Benjamin Franklin Asked Andrew Baldwin

“Are you interested in improving your lot in life?” When Dr. Franklin asked this question, it was a turning point in Andrew’s life.

But, as Andrew emphasized in the book, the magic is not just in the reading, rather it’s in the actual application.

The diligent application of these ten laws can be worth hundreds or thousands of times the few dollars it costs you.

Original Endorsers of the Book

“Whether just starting life’s journey, or reassessing goals and purpose, ‘Ten Laws’ reminds us that real wealth is achievable. ‘Ten Laws’ also reminds us that real wealth is not just about money and possessions, but relationships, values and principles.”
– J. Barry Griswell, President and CEO, Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA

“Excellent book for financial survival…a must read for anyone desiring financial security.”
Kenneth C. Mlekush, President, Jefferson Pilot Financial, Greensboro, NC

“A book that is as useful as it is enjoyable.”
– Joe Kelley, President, American General Financial Group, Nashville, TN

“This book is an excellent guide to financial freedom. Everyone should read and implement the ‘Ten Laws’.”
– John D. Blackburn, President, Country Insurance and Financial Services, Bloomington, IL