Meeting With Benjamin Franklin

img-printshopLet’s join Andrew as he describes his first encounter with Benjamin Franklin, who was so impressed with his service that he engaged him in conversation.

“After his asking what my goals are for the future, I explained to him that I was but a poor young clerk, with no hopes for future advancement. Looking puzzled he didn’t seem to take my response as fact.”

“Anyone can have a plentiful supply of money,” he said to me. “Poverty and want are but states of mind, both are choices we make.”

“Who is this person?” I asked myself. “Why is he telling this to me? Is he just someone who loves to hear himself give advice? Or, is he someone who truly knows of what he speaks?”

“Little Did I Know Then That My Life and Fortunes Were About to Change.”

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The Ten Laws is a classic to be kept in your library, practiced, and re-read over and over. It presents ten sequential laws of wealth and abundance that build on each other; providing serious readers a step-by-step process.

The Ten Laws

1. Choose to be the Master of Your Destiny
2. Fix Your Mind on Specific Objectives
3. Trim Your Expenses to Weigh Less Than Your Income
4. Set Aside for Yourself a Part of Everything You Earn
5. Increase Your Income by Multiplying Your Value to Others
6. Invest With the Greatest Prudence and Safety
7. Borrow Only What You Have the Ability to Repay
8. Establish Good Habits and They Will Establish You
9. Choose to Associate with Wise, Successful People
10. Increase Your Wealth by Sharing It

The Author

Ron Willingham is the author of twelve books published by New York publishing houses. His courses have been conducted in 130 nations, with over 1.5 million graduates. His newest book, AUTHENTICITY—The Head, Heart, and Soul of Selling presents a higher values-based, ethical process for long-term professional success and client-satisfaction. His latest course is The Authentic Salesperson™, a facilitator led process that helps participants learn a CLIENT-Focused Sales System, and deal with the emotional ups-and-downs of selling.